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introduction to technical manual

About the Build-Zone Technical Manual

In conjunction with Build-Zone and Self Build Zone, BZSS have created a Technical Manual to aid Self-Builders and Developers alike in the construction of their new home or developments.


For the Self Builder, in addition to complying with the requirements of the relevant Building Regulations and other relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice, there are additional requirements you need to undertake to complete a successful build to enable the Warranty to be issued to you.


It is important to note some items raised by the Auditing Surveyor, during whatever audit process is progressed, may only be related to the Warranty and whilst the Building Control Certificate could be issued by your Building Control Body, it won’t necessarily mean that a Warranty certificate can be issued.


The Technical Manual is designed to run in conjunction with the Building Regulations for England, Wales and Eire and the Technical Standards for Scotland.  However, it includes the additional requirements that are required for the Warranty Provider.


We recommend that you and your design team review the document both at the design stage and throughout the course of the build as the document is regularly updated so as to avoid any issues and possible delays at the end of your project.


For Developers being offered a Build-Zone Warranty, all new and converted structures benefitting from any Build-Zone Warranty must meet the standards set out both within the requirements of the Building Regulations or Building Standards but also the requirements of the Technical Manual.


The Technical Manual has been prepared to assist Developers and Builders in reaching the required standard and is a benchmark of the quality of build we expect from all Developers, Builders or their Sub-Contractors.


However, Home Builders or Developers who register with Build-Zone and are offered a New Home Warranty on their Developments will be required to construct new or converted dwellings to the standards of the Build-Zone Technical Manual in order to comply with the terms of the Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders.

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