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Building Notice

There are two ways in which you can progress with a Building Regulation application utilising the services of either the Local Authority or an Approved Inspector.


The first is a full plans application where detailed plans are produced and supplied to your Building Control Body for review and approval.  Other documentation may also be required including contamination or site investigations reports, structural survey and calculations and the Design Energy Performance Certificate.  The second is under a Building Notice. 


A Building Notice is slightly different as there is no requirement to produce any plans as there is no formal plan check undertaken.


If you are proceeding under a Building Notice, we recommend extreme caution.


In our opinion, the Building Notice route is really designed for small or minor works including alterations such as new door or window opening; or small building works such as a porch etc.


We would not recommend proceeding with a new build or a conversion under this audit route due to the information required for the Building Regulation approval normally before building works start.


Whilst the on-site auditing is similar to a full plans application, with no or little information being provided upfront, if building work commences and does not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, you may be asked to demolish any non-compliant elements of the build.  In essence you proceed at your own peril.


It should be noted that many Approved Inspectors as the Building Control Body will not proceed under this process.  Warranty Technical Auditing costs will also increase as additional visits would be required to satisfy the requirement of the Warranty provider.

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