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Initial Notice

The “Site Notification Initial Notice” is a statutory form detailing to the Local Authority Building Control Department your intention to carry out building works with the use of an Approved Inspector who will undertake the Building Control function and act as your Building Control Body.


Acceptance of the Initial Notice by the Local Authority Building Control Department signifies that Building Control has been placed with your Approved Inspector.


If you are using the Local Authority to act as your Building Control Body, you do not need to complete an Initial Notice but notify the Local Authority as to when you are proposing to start your project.


Whilst our Partnered Approved Inspector will help you with the Initial Notice and often the forms can be obtained from their websites, it is your responsibility to complete the form and send the same to the relevant Local Authority.


The Initial Notice must be served a minimum of 5 working days before work starts on site.  We would however suggest 7 working days as this will allow for weekends and “part days” to ensure the Notice is formally registered in time – if not, this may result in delays or even rejection.  The notice must be accompanied by a 1:1250 Site Location Plan and details of any new drainage connections (a statement would suffice at this stage).


The issue of what constitutes “works” varies between Local Authorities but as a general rule of thumb, “new works” is a good guide.


For new builds, “works” are defined as work requiring inspection by Building Control – e.g. pulling (excavating) of foundations, new drainage, etc. (Site set up / demolition and the provision of services to the site would not typically be included).


For conversions and to some extend alterations, “works” would include the installation of new structural elements, underpinning, lining of existing walls / floors and roofs, new drainage, etc.  The Approved Inspector will be able to guide you further in this respect.


If a Notice is served and a Local Authority rejects the Notice for example because less than five days’ notice was given or in their view new works were undertaken, the Initial Notice will be formally rejected by the Local Authority and the Approved Inspector will NOT be able to undertake the Building Control function for you.  You need to and can only apply to the Local Authority to progress with the Building Regulation process.


In situations such as this we recommend to discuss the issue with your Warranty provider as the Approved Inspector is only able to progress and undertake Technical Audits for the provision of the Warranty and further audit fees may well be payable.

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