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Stage Completion Certificates

If finance is involved with your build or you are required to pay your Contractor in stages, then your Lender or your obligations under a construction contract may require Stage Completion Certificates to allow the release of funds to you and ultimately your Contractor.


Stage Completion Certificates can be issued to you on the basis of your Lender requirements and if you do not have a Warranty.  Again, these are often referred to as Architects or Professional Consultants Certificates.  There is however a small cost for this service.


In order for us to work with you and your Lender and issue these to you we may need to know what your Lender stages are and in some circumstances a breakdown of the work element associated with each stage.


Once we have received this information and payment from you, we will arrange for a survey to be carried out by one of our Partnered Surveyors and arrange for the Stage Certificate to be released to you.

If you are progressing with a Warranty with Build-Zone or Self-Build Zone, we can facilitate this for you as this is encompassed as part of the Warranty and Survey/Audit cost.  These are termed as Interim Stage Certificates.

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