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Completed Housing/ Structure Surveys

It is possible for a Warranty provider to look to offer a Warranty on a completed building.  As part of the underwriting procedure, a Completed Housing/Structure Survey will need to be carried out.


If your build is complete and you used one of our Partnered Approved Inspectors or Assigned Certifiers then we may be able utilise them to undertake a further warranty orientated survey of the structure and to embed the information obtained through the build process into their reports.  If you did not use one of our Partnered Approved Inspectors or Assigned Certifiers, we will ask one of our specialist surveyors to review the property.


The survey in both scenarios, is undertaken on the basis of a non-destructive condition or building survey and is carried out with a view that all works are complete, the final certification has been issued and the building is possibly occupied.


Whist we term this as a “completed survey”, if your build has not been fully completed, it is possible to still undertake a survey but the Surveyors time may be wasted if a visit goes ahead and the build cannot be fully reviewed.


If you believe that this is the case, we strongly recommend that you contact the visiting Surveyor and discuss this with them.  It may be the case that the survey can be progressed and small outstanding points can be cleared by a separate report or photographic evidence or at worse, an additional visit may need to be carried out to which you will be charged.


However, it may be necessary to delay the survey for a short period of time until all the works are complete and the certificates have been received.


There is only a single visit for this service unless we are told beforehand by the Warranty provider and have accounted for multiple visits.


It is important to note that access will be required to all of the property including any basements, voids, lofts etc.  Access to the drainage system will also be required.


With the above in mind, we draw your attention to the fact that the Warranty being offered by Build-Zone is a Structural Warranty and there is not necessarily the requirement to complete wall finishes like painting or to install floor finishes.

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