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Interim Stage Certificates

If finance is involved with your build, then your Lender may require some form of Interim Stage Certification to allow the release of funds to you.  These are sometimes referred to as Architects or Professional Consultants Certificates.


If you are progressing with a Structural Warranty through Build-Zone or Self-Build Zone, we can facilitate these for you on behalf of the Warranty Provider and this is encompassed and included as part of the Warranty and Survey/Audit cost.

In order for us to work with you and your Lender and issue these to you we may need to know what your Lender stages are.  In some circumstances, for example conversion projects, a breakdown of the work elements associated with each stage will also be required.  Some of this information may have been provided to Self-Build Zone already but we may seek clarification from you.


It is not unusual for Lenders to require certification at different stages to those required as part of either the Building Control or Warranty Technical Audits i.e. the inspections detailed may not necessarily coincide with your Lenders requirements.  We will however endeavour to meet the needs of your Lender but in order to safeguard your Warranty and enable the Approved Inspector to undertake their work these visits must take precedence.


In order to obtain a certificate where an inspection does not coincide with your stage payment, we can review with the use of photographic evidence.  This will involve you supplying us with 2-3 photos of the build externally and 3-4 photos internally in order that the project can be reviewed and the relevant certificate issued.

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If you are not progressing with a Warranty with Build-Zone or Self-Build Zone, we can facilitate this for you.  These are termed as Stage Completion Certificates.

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