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In additional to the other sections describing the services we can offer, in order to aid the Self Builder, we have collated a number of other key topics and sources of information which are often asked for and may help you.


Whilst orientated towards the Self Builder, this section contains other key information which may also be of use to the small single unit Developer through to a multi plot development.

Following its initial introduction in 1994, the Construction Design and Management Regulations (commonly known as the CDM Regulations) were updated in April 2007 and again in April 2015.


In 2015, unlike the previous incarnations, the Regulations have a direct effect on how the Self Builder manages their project in terms of Health & Safety. 

Plan Check

BZSS in partnership with Build Zone and Self-Build Zone attend a number of Trade Shows throughout the year where we share our knowledge in presentations and “Ask the Expert” sessions offering one on one advice on stands or group discussion sessions.

resources introduction

BZSS are regularly asked to contribute articles for inclusion in various trade magazines related to the construction industry and in particular the Self Build Market. 

Initial Notice

Unfortunately, today’s world is full of acronyms and abbreviations.  The construction and insurance industry is no exception to this.


Whilst we have tried to make the site as simple to navigate and read as possible, some acronyms and abbreviations are unavoidable.  We have collated some of the more (and less) common ones to try and simplify matters.

Due to the complexity and requirements of the Building Regulations, there an increasing number of Environmental requirements.


An environmental assessment for new dwellings is undertaken which covers nine categories of sustainable design being Energy and CO² Emissions, Water, Materials, Surface Water Run Off, Waste, Pollution, Health and Well Being, Management and Ecology.

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