Warranty Technical Audits

The Inspection Process

The Technical Audit forms an important part of the Warranty provision and process.  It uses one of our Partnered Approved Inspectors (AI’s), Assigned Certifiers or specialist Surveyors to review the build as it progresses.


If your build has already started and you are using one of our Partnered Approved Inspectors or Assigned Certifiers as your Building Control Body, we can still progress under our combined Building Control and Technical Audit process.


If your build has started and you are not using one of our Partnered Approved Inspectors or Assigned Certifiers then we can still progress as detailed below.


If the build has completed and you are looking to take out a Warranty, then we can utilise the Partnered Approved Inspector or Assigned Certifier and undertake a Completed Housing Survey.


The auditing process for the Warranty is carried out both in the office and through site visits to enable a Warranty to be issued.


Initially, a Plan Check is undertaken preferably before the build starts.


Depending on the type, size and stage of your build the Surveyor will conduct a number of Key Stage Inspections and/or general inspections at various stages throughout the construction phase.  Please note that not all stages detailed below will require a visit as this is very much dependent on the type of project/build.


In relation to visits, where the project has not yet started, there are typically four key stage inspections to complete on a new build project and these are detailed below.


Additional visits may also be included due to the size, type, stage and programming of your project form the information you have given to the Warranty provider.


Normally you will be advised what inspections will be required for your project by the Surveyor who may provide you with a visit plan.  If the inspection regime alters during the course of the build/project due to a change in the size, type or phasing of your project, then additional cost(s) may be incurred and these may be at your account.


Please bear in mind that the Surveyor will no doubt have a busy diary and will require reasonable notice to attend site (this could be up to five working days).


It is crucial that all Inspections are conducted at the correct time and it is YOUR responsibility to arrange for these visits to be undertaken at the correct time.


If as a result of a failed visit or at a requested visit, the project was not ready for inspection, then BZSS through your Warranty provider may charge you for the wasted visit.


If stages are missed then this may have implications for the Warranty provider.  You may be asked at your own expense to open up completed works to show parts of the build which have been covered up.  The Warranty provider, may even elect to exclude certain elements of the build from the Warranty or even decline to offer cover at all.

The Inspection Process