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Completed Housing Survey

As you can appreciate, the survey being undertaken is a retrospective survey of the completed build and much of the structure has now been covered up by wall and ceiling finishes.


Many people embarking on a build take photos during the course of construction.  If this is the case with your build we ask if these could be made available to the Surveyor at the start of his visit as this will aid their inspection and may reduce possible exclusions to the final Warranty.  They may ask for copies to complement their report and aid the overall insurance underwriting for your project.


Likewise, any drawings, diary/visit reports from the Local Authority Building Control, Assigned Certifier or Approved Inspector will aid the survey process.


If the project was a conversion, alteration or involved the retention of any parts of a previous structure, a schedule of works may also be required.


As part of the visit, the Surveyor will ask for a number of Certificates or reports which will form part of their report and will also be required by the Warranty provider before the Warranty can be issued.


These include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Building Control Completion Certificate

  • Gas Safe Certificate

  • APC, EPC Certificates

  • Electrical (part 5) certificate


  • Oil fire appliance certificates

  • Flat roof guarantee (10 Year Insurance backed minimum for material and workmanship)

  • Underground drainage test certificates/results

  • Roof/wall slate certificate

  • Sewage/water treatment plant certification

  • Solar heating, ground heat source, etc

  • Contaminated land and or mining reports

  • Site investigation or environmental reports

  • Tanking guarantees


Please note that not all the certificates or reports may be relevant or required for the build undertaken.


The Surveyor may also provide you with a checklist which will assist in preparing the necessary documentation.


It is important to note that we, with Warranty providers, deem compliance of the Building Regulations as the start point and the minimum required standard for your build.

The Visit

As detailed above, the survey being carried out can be compared to a typical Home Buyers Survey or Condition Survey.  There is a bias however to tailor the survey to comment on specific Warranty requirements and to confirm where possible, that the structure has been built in accordance with the Building Regulations.


The Surveyor would like to review the property as a whole.  This will also include outbuildings such as detached garages which you have requested to be covered under the Warranty.  Their inspection would also include basement areas (where applicable), together with lofts and other void areas.  We would be grateful if you could allow and arrange suitable and safe access to these areas.  This typically includes the provision of a ladder to allow access into the loft.


We have indicated some of the key areas that the Surveyor will review as part of the build.  This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives you a flavour of what the Surveyor will be reviewing whilst on site.




  • Perimeter paths and landscaping complete

  • DPC installation more than 150mm above finished ground level

  • Drainage system including location, outfall, soakaways etc

  • Wheel chair access to structure including level access

  • Ramp access, decks, patio drainage/damp proof requirements


  • Cavity trays and weep holes installed

  • Drips and stops to rendered finishes

  • Weatherproofing around doors/windows and other openings and positioned correctly

  • General review of the external envelope


  • Flat roof construction

  • Rainwater goods, falls to gutters, outlets to drainage water

  • Roof structure/finish, adequate ventilation, fixings, pointing

  • Chimneys, flashings

  • Gas flues and other vents clear and vent to external environment




  • Windows and other openings, safety glass and means of escape

  • Walls and ceilings free from defects, visible signs of damp ingress

  • Floors free from defects and deflection

  • Drainage test of toilets, showers and basins 

  • Roof structure including finish, bracing, restraint straps, weather proofing

  • Chimney position, suitable trays installed,

  • Loft insulation, boarding, flues, vents

  • Balustrades, guards and staircases

  • Extract duct positions, caps and seals


If, during the course of the survey there are issues to be addressed, these will be discussed with you by the visiting Surveyor on site.  These will be reported back to us and the Warranty provider will issue you a Remediation Notice.  This should be reviewed, if necessary discussed with the visiting Surveyor and works undertaken/ remediated and evidence provided to them as soon as possible.  On the rare occasion, a revisit may be necessary or the Warranty provider may ask for opening up works to be undertaken to review a section of the build if an issue has been noted.


It should be noted that some items raised may only be related to the Warranty and whilst the Building Control Certificate may have been issued by your Building Control Body, it won’t necessarily mean that a Warranty certificate can be issued.


Any issues which remain outstanding, may simply delay the issue of the Warranty Certificate or possibly lead to exclusions being applied; or worse case, the withdrawal to offer cover completely.


Once all the Certificates and Guarantees have been obtained the Surveyor will be in a position to complete their Technical Audit of your project.  They will then confirm to BZSS allowing us to issue our Technical Audit Assessment Certificate resulting in the Warranty being issued.

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